“Those who sit with me know this about me, I am always one of those who most emphatically forbid describing a specific person (among the Muslims) as a kaafir, faasiq or sinner, unless it is Known That Shariah Proof Has Been Established Against Him, and it has been proven whether he is a kaafir, a faasiq or a sinner.”

Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah (Rahimahullaahu Ta’aala)

Majmoo’ al-Fataawa (3/229)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

"All Praise Is Due to Allah."

"Praise be to Allah, Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to make it prevail over all other religions, and Allah is Sufficient as a Witness."

The Commentary

* Concerning his saying: "Praise be to Allah," Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth:" Allah, the Most High, is being praised for His Perfection, the Mighty and Sublime, and His granting favors. Thus, we praise Allah, the Mighty and Sublime because He is perfect in His attributes from  all angles, and we also praise Him because He is Perfect in granting favors and beneficence:

"And whatever of blessings and good things you have, it is from Allah. Then, when harm touches you, unto Him you cry aloud for help."
(An-Nahl 16:53)

The greatest of all favors that Allah favored His Creatures with is sending the Messengers, by which there is guidance for the creatures. That is why the author says: "Praise be to Allah, Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth."

What is intended by 'the Messenger' here is the class of the Messengers, since all the Messengers were sent with guidance and the religion of truth. However, he whom Allah has completed the Messengership with is Muhammad  because Allah sealed (all) the Prophets by Him, and completed the building with him. As the Prophet described to the himself  in relation to the (other) Messengers; like a  man who built a palace and completed it, with the exception of the place of a brick. Thus, the people would come to that palace and be amazed with it, except for the place of that (missing) brick; and I am indeed the last of (all) the Prophets." (Al-Bukhari :3535)

*Concerning his statement: "with guidance:" The guidance (Al-Huda) means beneficial knowledge. It also implied that the message itself )which he is a sent with) is the guidance and the religion of truth.
*"The religion of truth" means righteous actions, because Ad-Din means actions or the reward for actions. So an, example of it being used for actions, is the saying of the Most High:

"Truly, Ad-Din /(the religion) with Allah is Islam."
(Imran 3:19)

An example of it being used for reward is the saying of the Most High:

"And what will make you know that Day of Ad-Din (Recompense) is?
(Al-Infitar 82:17)

Furthermore, the truth is the opposite of falsehood, and it-that is the truth- includes bringing about good warding off evil, in the rulings (of Shari'ah) and the information.

*Concerning the statement: "to make it/him prevail ('Liyuzhirahu') over all religion": the letter "Lam" here is for justification. And the meaning of "Liyuzhirahu" is to exalt it. For Az-Zuhur (prevail) means exalted, as in the 'Zahr (back) of the riding animal is the top of it.Also, the 'Zahr of the earth is its surface. As the Most High says:

"And if Allah were to punish men for that which they earned, he would not leave a moving creature on the surface of the earth."
(Fatir 35:45)

As for the (pronoun) "Ha" in "Yazhirahu", does it refer back to the Messenger or Din?

If this pronoun refers to the "religion of the truth," the whoever fights for the religion of truth shall become exalted. For Allah says: " to make it/him prevail ('Liyuzhirahu'), so this religion shall prevail over all religions, and over he who has no religion; of course making it exalted over them is more obvious. This is because the one who doesn't have a religion is more evil than he who practices false religions. Hence, the religion of Islam shall triumph over all religions whose people claim that they are upon the truth, and as far as other than them, then it is more obviously so.

Moreover, if the pronoun refers to the Messenger then (it means that) Allah shall elevate His Messenger, because. he champions the religion of truth.

Whichever one it refers to, (the most important thing is that) whoever holds onto this religion of truth, shall become triumphant and exalted; and whoever seeks honor through other than it, the he has sought humiliation. Because there is neither triumph, not honor and respect, except through the religion of truth. For this reason, O brothers, I am calling you to hold on to the Din of Allah openly and secretly, in your worship, morals and manners. Also, inviting others to it, until the Millah (Creed) is firm and the Ummah becomes upright.

*Concerning the statement: "and Allah is sufficient ('wa Kafa Billahi) as a witness": The people of language say: the letter "Ba" here is extra. It is to beautify the pronunciation and to intensify the sufficiency. Also, its root meaning is "wa Kafa Allah."

1(Translation Note) Meaning, the authors statement:"Whoever sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to make it prevail over all religion and Allah is Sufficient as a Witness" which is taken from Allah's saying in Surat Al-Fath (48:27)

The author cited an Ayah(1) and if anyone asks: "What is the relationship between the statements 'Allah Is Sufficient as a witness' and 'so that He can make it prevail over every other religion'?"
It would be said: The relationship is clear. This is because the Prophet came and invited people: saying "Whoever obey me, shall enter into Jannah (Paradise), and whoever disobeys me, shall enter into the Fire."1

{1} As is reported by Al-Bukhari (7280) from Abu Hurairah radiyallahu anhu, that the Messenger of Allah said: "All my people will enter Jannah, except those who refuse." It was said, 'O Messenger of Allah, who will refuse?" and he   said: "He who obey me will enter Jannah, and he who disobeys me will be refused."

Also, he was saying in the language which speaks for itself: "Whoever obeys me, I shall keep peace with and whoever disobeys me, I shall wage war against." He waged wars against people because of this religion, and made their blood, wealth, women and offspring lawful, and he was supported in that he became victorious. He was the victor and never the loser. So this is how he became established on  the earth ; that is, Allah's establishing His Messenger on the earth is actually a testimony from Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, that he was truthful and that his religion is true, This is because everyone who concocted a lie against Allah, ended up in humiliation, vanity and nothingness.

Look at those who falsely claimed Prophethood, which was their end? They were destroyed and forgotten, such as Musailimah Al-Kadhdhab, Al-Aswad Al-Ansi and other than them, who falsely claimed Prophethood. All of them vanished! The falsehood of their claim became evident. They were denied correctness and rightness; whereas the reverse is the case of regarding the Prophet his Daw'ah (invitation) lasts until now, praise be to Allah. And we ask Allah to keep you, and is firm upon it. His Daw'ah remains until now, and (will remain) firm and established until the establishment of the Hour. up until now, his Daw'ah still makes lawful blood and wealth of nay disbeliever who opposes it: so their women and offspring.{1} This is a practical testimony. Allah never punished, disgraced or denied him. That is why it came after his statement: "to make it prevail over all other religions."

Note: {1} Based on the report of Al-Bukahri (25) and Muslim(22) from Ibn'Umar radiyallahu anhu: That the Messenger of Allah "said: I have been  commanded to fight the people until they testify to La ilaha illa Allah (there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah) and that Muhammad is Allah's Messenger, perform Salah and give Zakah. If they do that, they have kept their blood and their wealth safe from me-except for a right to Islam- and their reckoning is with Allah."

Taken from the Book (p 50/55)

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